YouTube Disco – A Take on Ibizaah!

YouTube just released YouTube disco from their TestLabs and describes the tool as a YouTube Music Discovery Project and Playlist Creation Tool. You can test it here ->

I am not surprised they themselves have developed an easier way to mix and match videos to help people create their own playlist.
My big surprise is that is has taken so long for something so obvious.
I wonder if someone at YouTube saw Ibizaah! and found inspiration to create this new side service from it.

I think YouTube Disco has done a great job to simplify playlist creation. You can do basically all the stuff you already can with Ibizaah! except for mixing videos and fading sound between players.
YouTube Disco has only one player which is fine to have music play continuously as well, maybe not as smoothly as with Ibizaah!’s AutoDJ feature which does an automatic crossfade between two videos smoothly.

At this moment it seems to only load playlists from the logged in user only unlike Ibizaah that allows users to load anyone’s playlist.
I’ll be playing around with it more to see if there is anything I could use in Ibizaah to make it even better.

Yubby CEO- Vincent Everts Praises Ibizaah!

Yubby CEO, Vincent Everts just commented on my first post at my company blog Bitmain Studios Inc..

He had some nice words for me, not a lot but really meaningful to me, that so early, cool people are noticing my work. According to Vincent I am a brilliant creator and very fast at doing this. I imagine doing this means programming Ibizaah! in one week and getting over 30 blogs reviewing it in less than 2 weeks after release, and all of that for just a side project!

On Vincent’s own words:

Michael, i think you are a brilliant creator. Great fast way to do this. We have created, 30 video sides and channel builder tool. Do not know what we can do together but wanted to introduce myself.


VIncent Everts
CEO Yubby

Here is a nice Yubby logo for being so nice to me:


News Coverage in Cooliris

Ibizaah! has received quite a bit of coverage throughout its short 2 week lifespan and I decided to create a slideshow with screenshots from all the main sites that reviewed Ibizaah!.

Yesterday I created a embbeddable Flickr Flash slideshow and today I got fancier and combined Cooliris and iShowU to record my screen.
I uploaded the video to YouTube and used their audioswap feature to lay down an awesome track.

Here is the result:

Thanks Cooliris for creating ans awesome 3D browsing plugin.


1st PayPal Donation – I am $10.00 CAD richer!

A day after setting up the Donate paypal button I received my first donation. The $10.00 CAD donation came from my dear friend David from Spain. He wished me good luck and hoped that I get lots of more donations.

This simple act of generosity really did my day and also was perfect to see if the Paypal button actually works.
David noted that the exchange rate from Euros to Canadian dollars turned out to be on his favour, so $10. CAD turned out to be only about 6 Euros.

Thanks David!

PayPal Donations – New revenue model?

Seing that after about 7,000 page views I only have gotten 36 clicks on my Amazon ads and zero sales, I am opting to monetize my time invested on Ibizaah! through a PayPal donations button. I am hoping charity from good samaritans will help me at least cover the server costs.

I’ve seen this done on many free projects. Just for karma I think is good to donate to people that offer services out of their own good will. To give example today I donated $10 USD to Uplodify a little site that creates a very useful jQuery plugin to allow simultaneous multiple file uploads to a server and which I implemented in PoinKit, my project management website.

I am very curious to see if I get any donations at all, and if I do what is the typical amount and what is the ratio of dollars versus visitors. I am taking a wild guess 1 dollar per 1000 visitors?
In that case I would made a whopping $7 bucks with all my traffic so far..
Time to find a real paying job? Come on, party goers! buy me a virtual beer!

Here is the screen shot from the bottom of Ibizaah! where I’ve put the donation button”


Ibizaah! now featured on

I am happy to announce that today I got a second review by a major blog. This time by Thanks!

You can see the article here: Click to See article

Ibizaah! got 3.7 out of 5 which is pretty good considering this is a side project. They also had some nice words about the product and again a nice tag line to go with their blog post.
The tagline was: “Turn Your Living Room into a Dance Floor“.

And here is the article preview screenshot:


Ibizaah! Featured by

That makes me happy. The folks at KillerStartups were kind enough to review Ibizaah! on their site today.
One of the things that I find interesting is that when someone else that knows how to write better describes your product you find new ways of looking at it.

Bloggers now how important are their article titles to catch people attention, so when they describe a product they usually put the name of the product and a catchy phrase that describes it too.
In this case the tag line they used was “ – Get The Party Going“.
See? I had not think of that.. now I think is an awesome tagline for Ibizaah!.
Every day I learn new things.. cool.

Here is a screenshot of their article.


Here is the badge they ask you to put on your site after they review your site:

New Feature! Load Playlists from Youtube

I just finished the most requested feature so far. Now you can load your YouTube playlists with a couple of clicks. Just enter your YouTube username and press enter. Your playlists list will load and then simply select which playlists you want to load and its target. You can choose Left, Right, or Both. Both distributes the songs evenly between both players.
If you uncheck the checkbox that says “Overwrite Existing Videos” the videos will be appended to the existing ones. By default, that option is checked which means that when you load a new playlist, your queued videos will be cleared and replaced with the new ones.

Soon I will also add the option to save your playlists back to YouTube directly form Ibizaah!.

Here is a screenshot of the loaded playlists screen:


First attempt at making money through ads – Amazon Associates

In the Internet traffic is money. The correlation is directly proportional, and the yield factor depends in a couple of factors; quality of ads, placement, and morals.
Unfortunately, the lower the morals, the higher the revenue. This is sad but true, if you don’t believe be read this TechCrunch article.

If you ads are not fined tuned and targeted to the demographics of your audience then those ads won’t yield as many profits as well targeted adds.
Finding the perfect balance is a recent science and a science that those that have mastered has made them very very wealthy.

Needless to say that If I make any money from this site it will not be by deceiving and tricking my audience into clicking banner ads that make false promises. This will ensure any possible revenue will be cut by at least 10 times.
So being good, having morals has a price.. the price of losing a lot of potential revenue.
Because money is money, and where it comes from, or who got scammed, suffered, or died is not traceable on a 100 dollar bill people don’t care where the money comes from.

Having no morals will make you richer a lot faster, it will also make this world a lot shittier and ironically will not make you any happier.

So my first moral attempt to make money on the Internet is by providing a useful free service and making money through advertising non-deceptive adds.

I want to see for myself how much traffic I must generate in order to eventually make a full time living online.
For this experiment I need two main things. First, a free service, and second a series of ads on the service.

The first part has been accomplished, obviously is Ibizaah! a free YouTube Video Mixer and Playlist creator.
For the second part I chose Amazon Associate ads.


I chose them simply because they were the easiest to apply for. They haven been the fastest at approving my application and they are a very well established and reputable organization.

Their referral rate is 4%. Which I imagine is that if someone spends $100 on Amazon products after clicking one of my adds I get $4 dollars. Because I have no idea how this works I don’t know if this is a lot or little but I am going to assume is pretty standard.

Big question. How many visitors would I need to make $2000 a month which would cover all monthly living expenses?
That is my goal. I am guesstimating I would a least need 1500 stead unique visitors a day or about 50,000 visitors a month.

Probably I am very optimistic since that implies that I should be earning 1 dollar for every 25 visitors, is that realistic?
Something tells me it would be more like at least 100 visitors per dollar… have no idea, we will see.

You are welcome to click on this add and spend $100 to help me figure this out faster.. 😉